Unweaving the Rainbow is my personal blog. The name comes from Richard Dawkins' excellent book, the purpose of which was to counter the notion of John Keats that Isaac Newton had destroyed the beauty of the rainbow by explaining how it worked. As much as I love Keats' poetry, I side with Dawkins and believe that science reveals beauty and wonder in nature, and does nothing to tarnish the beauty of the rainbow. Therefore, I've named my blog in honor of Dawkins' book.

Science and skepticism are two closely related areas of interest for me, and my writings in this blog will frequently cover some topic related to them. If you are also interested in these topics, I can recommend a few podcasts. Skeptoid, by Brian Dunning, is a weekly 10 minute podcast that covers pseudoscience, investigations into the paranormal, and various pop culture beliefs. It's a quick and fun way to learn. Two longer programs that I can recommend are Point of Inquiry, from the Center for Inquiry and currently hosted by Robert M. Price, and For Good Reason, brought to you by the James Randi Educational Foundation and featuring the excellent host D.J. Grothe.

As a profession, I am a software engineer at Terracotta where I serve as a build and release engineer among other things.  I am also an advocate of open source software and have a keen interest in software development and computer science.  I will also be writing about those topics frequently.

I also offer e-book formatting and production services. See my e-books page for details.